Classic Steel Rose Obelisks & Climbing Plant Supports

Climbing roses create stunning garden displays and provide a very effective and immediate height to the planted borders. Read on to learn valuable tips from Ireland's leading supplier of climbing rose steel supports. 

Create sumptuous displays by training climbing roses to grow on wall trellises, obelisks, over arches, up pillars, through pyramids etc. The options are endless making climbing roses a versatile, relatively easy plant to grow and with a small amount of careful nurturing reliable to create beautiful fragrant displays for many years. Few plants offer such a handsome reward making climbing roses an essential plant to grow in almost every garden. 
Create the best rose displays with steel Rose Arches
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Classic Garden Elements Rose Obelisks powder coated galvanized steel
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Follow these three tips and you will create your own stunning climbing rose display. Planning the perfect climbing rose display requires 3 key decisions: 
Plant Position – most roses prefer a sunny spot with light free draining soil conditions. Although roses are thirsty plants they do not do well in prolonged wet soils. If the ground is heavy and wet, add some grit and soil conditioner (ideally peat free compost) and mix in well to make soil less heavy and damp 
Plant Support – of the many options available timber & plastic will eventually succumb to the weather or the weight of mature roses. Steel is the most reliable and most effective. Here too be careful and ideally select a steel support which will not rust and crumble just like timber rots. Select steel supports which have been galvanized and protected from rust. Although costing more than the inferior alternatives, galvanized steel plant supports provide a robust and reliable support and ultimately best value. Choosing inferior supports will not only cost more, damage the plant as it reaches maturity but also lost time. Most plants mature within 3-5 years which is when the plant will require strong support. To achieve the best climbing rose displays, avoid any unnecessary disappointments by choosing galvanized steel plant supports 
Apart from material choice there are also a wide range of types of supports one can consider to create climbing rose displays, some of the more popular options available include: 
- Obelisks 
- Rose Arches 
- Pillars 
- Pyramids 
- Trellis Panels (Wall & Freestanding) 
- Umbrellas (ideal for weeping rose varieties) 
Climbing Roses – a vast range to choose from, but here are some simple tips to help select a suitable variety. There can be confusion between Climbing Roses and Rambling Roses. Generally Rambling varieties are very vigorous making them better suited to growing up through mature trees. Also Rambling roses tend to bloom once. Choosing a Climbing rose will be better, often they repeat flower, so as one bloom fades, another is about to open, this ensures a continuous display throughout the growing season. Climbing roses tend to have more modest height and spread growth characteristics, so best to select a variety which is suited for the position and support, plants which to grow to less than 3.0m (8-10ft) and perhaps 1.0m (3 ft) wide are ideal for training on most popular supports, also means less regular cutting back to keep the plant in control. Another important attribute apart from height & spread to bear in mind is that not all roses are the same. One of the most important reasons for growing roses in the garden is of course scent. So whilst some bloom might look absolutely adorable they may produce little or no scent. Carefully selecting a variety which has the preferred colour but also strongly scented will be key to selecting the best rose. 
Sensational Garden Wall Trellis in Steel
The Charleston Rose Pillar elegant and robust steel rose supports
Getting started 
Better quality rose supports usually require the supports to be anchored in the ground, this involves digging a suitable size hole inserting the support and filling the hole with concrete. This is especially true for large rose arches & rose pillars. To ensure that the support sets vertically, it is important to prop the support (usually 24-48 hours) until the concrete base has cured and hardened. Rose Arches and Rose Pillars would typically require to be anchored securely in concrete bases. Other supports including Rose Obelisks, Rose Pyramids and Rose Umbrellas have extended legs designed to be speared directly into the soil. 
Once the support has been secured in the ground, you can proceed to planting your climbing rose plant. Before planting, whilst preparing the position, soak the rose for at least 30-60 minutes. Dig a suitably large hole (at least twice the size of the plant rootball) mix in plenty of compost with the soil and sprinkle a small handful of Mycorrhizal fungi, a special fertiliser and ideal to help roses create vigorous and strong roots which will make the plants perform better, more resilient to drought and create better blooms. To create stunning climbing rose displays each year, it is recommended to apply a rose feed twice/year, at the start of spring and mid-summer. Plant the rose, water well and secure plant to the support. Check regularly and make additional ties to ensure that the plant is secure and trained to grow in the desired direction. 
Product photographs feature a selection of the extensive range of Rose & Climbing plant supports designed and made by Classic Garden Elements, Germany. 
Customers can order any Classic Garden Element product directly from Owen Chubb Garden Landscapers, the exclusive Ireland Representative for Classic Garden Elements. Prospective customers are also invited to contact Owen Chubb directly on 087-2306 128 to arrange an appointment to visit GardenStudio in Dublin to see our Classic Garden Elements product display of Rose Obelisks, Rose Umbrellas, Wall Trellis, Rose Pyramids, and Rose Arches etc. Classic Garden Elements Rose & Climbing Plant supports are hand forged, galvanized steel with a black powder coating. They are exceptionally well made and comprise the most extensive range of premium plant supports available. All products come with a 10 year no rust warranty.  
We also offer a delivery service as well as a full product assembly &installation service for all products from the Classic Garden Elements range. For more info, call 087-2306 128 or visit: and 
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