Successful garden patio design must take the wider view of the garden into account and not just simply focus on patio size, position and layout. A distinguishing point of all good patio design is the understanding of the importance of the patio as an integral element within the overall garden scheme. It is vital that the patio enables people to indulge in and enjoy outdoor living, so it is important that the patio has sufficient capacity, orientation and positioning for not only practical enjoyment but also proportionate and appropriate for the garden design and layout. 
The design and construction of patios should consider two very important elements, form and function. Form is not just a matter of size where bigger might mean being better as long as the criteria is simply more capacity for more people and more space for more activities etc. Patio design should also take account of the scale and spatial arrangements of other aspects of the garden, including accessibility to and from house and garden. 
We have extensive experience in the design and construction of garden patios. We specialise in using natural stone (principally limestone and granite but occasionally sandstone).  
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