Granite Sphere Water Features - on sale now at GardenStudio, Tel 087-2306 128.

 Our compact granite sphere water features are crafted solid natural granite stone features to create attractive eye-catching running water displays with wonderful sound effects. Exceptionally well made, these compact water with a rugged surface texture with deep contours to create dazzling running water displays and mesmerizing sound effects. Prices for complete kits from € 453.00 (€ 369.00 + VAT).  

A compact granite sphere are supplied with 650mm water reservoir tank, 1000l Oase Pump, flexible water hose & clips. These features are easy to install, simply connect a standard 3 pin plug to pump cable and fill reservoir (no running water supply required). Our compact granite sphere water features are virtually indestructible making it a very suitable and safe garden water feature especially in gardens with young children. 
Our granite water features require little or no maintenance (apart from occasionally topping up the water levels in the reservoir), pets and small birds enjoy this source of running cool water in the garden. The granite sphere water feature design is the perfect garden feature, use it in the small garden, family garden, balcony, courtyard etc.  
The solid granite sphere water feature is available on a supply only basis or supplied + fitted by Owen Chubb Garden Landscapers. 
Granite Water Features - solid Granite Sphere water features by Owen Chubb Garden Landscapers, Dublin
Granite Sphere Water Features - stunning running water displays, wonderful sound effects.
Granite Sphere water feature - an outstanding garden feature
Currently available in single size (30cm diameter). The granite sphere water feature is available separately or also as a cost saving complete kit, comprising stone feature, water hose, reservoir, and pump (with 10m cabling). Reservoir can be installed on the surface or in the ground. 
Customers may also wish to add some ornamental cobble stones around base of feature, planting and garden lights. 
Granite Sphere Water Feature Kit SALE - what’s included 
OFFER 30cm Granite Sphere Water Feature Kit (RRP € 489.00) 
• 1 x 30cm Granite Sphere pre-drilled stone feature 
• 1 x 650mm Finia Reservoir 
• 1 x 1000L Oase Pump 
• Flexible water hose + clips 
• 2 x FREE LED adjustable stainless steel Garden Spike lights (worth over € 100.00) 
SALE Price (excl VAT): € 369.00 (or € 453.00 incl VAT) 
Above Offers only available for a limited time only and whilst stocks last. 
We also offer a full installation service (extra costs will be incurred) throughout Dublin and Ireland. 
We supply and install a wide range of Garden Water Features including natural stone, stainless steel etc. Why not call us 087-2306 128 to arrange an appointment to come and visit our garden water features display in Terenure, Dublin 6W. Ireland. 
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