Description: Synthetic Boxwood cladding (or artificial Buxus cladding) is an artificial ornamental plant in tile format providing an excellent & instant solution for a range of applications. Use it where instant height and privacy are required, transforming an ugly wall, or simply creating a smart lush green backdrop. The tile format is quick and easy to assemble, and once securely installed, provides a resilient and long-lasting finish requiring zero maintenance. Creating a wall cladding display is simply a matter of connecting the interlocking individual tiles. Buxus Wall Cladding is also ideal for environments where natural planting would be neither feasible nor possible. 
Advantages of Artificial Box Cladding 
realistic looks with zero maintenance 
weatherproof, resilient - will not be damaged by wind, rain, sunshine, or frost 
no need to worry about watering, trimming or box blight! 
immediate results with beautiful long-term performance 
easy to install 
the perfect no maintenance solution to transform an ugly, add extra height etc 
Boxwood Hedging available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium & Large). 
Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm tile (Product Code B 33). 
Price: € 868.00 
Boxwood Artificial Buxus Cladding
Boxwood artificial hedging
Boxwood artificial hedging
Boxwood artificial hedging
Boxwood artificial hedging
Boxwood artificial hedging
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