Growing Up in an Upright Coldframe 

Premium Quality Upright Coldframes in Western Red Cedar on offer in Dublin, Tel 087-2306128
Using the vertical space to grow is a space saving advantage of growing in an Upright Coldframe and an ideal choice for gardeners who do not wish to start off seeds on a windowsill but instead to grow and sow under glass. The Upright Coldframes ability to enable the gardener grow taller plants trumps growing in the more traditional shorter Coldframes. But why buy an Upright Coldframe and not a greenhouse? Well often the reasons will be to do with budget and space (lack of). 
A quality well made Upright Coldframe will cost a good deal more than the cheaper more limiting traditional Coldframes but they will reward the owner for years with more scope, capacity and a wonderful harvest. Growing vertically is the next best way to growing in a greenhouse and like it’s bigger cousin, growing under glass not only makes it easier to grow seedlings faster and stronger, but to also extend the growing season by many weeks. So if you are planning on sowing and growing your own crops in a small garden or balcony, there is no better way to do so than to grow in an Upright Coldframe. 
In contrast to the shorter traditional Coldframes, Upright Coldframes (are sometimes referred to as mini-greenhouses or even micro-greenhouses) are taller growing units with greater flexibility. Upright Coldframes with the extra height makes them ideal for growing taller summer plant crops such as tomatoes, bell peppers etc. 
Our Upright Coldframes are made from the same quality Western Red Cedar and tempered glass making them long lasting and stylish units. Supplied with two shelves, these can fitted to suit placing the seed trays but removable to suit plant growing height. Pair of sliding doors and a hinged lid also facilitates easy to access to the internal space, adjusting the internal air temperature and allowing any stale air to quickly escape. 
Upright coldframes supplied by Owen Chubb Landscapers Dublin
The Gabriel Ash Upright Coldframes are an ideal choice for gardeners who do not wish to start off seeds on a windowsill and to grow taller plants especially in small gardens. 
Measuring 1266mm (wide) x 656mm (deep) x 1390mm (high) provides plenty of growing capacity during the growing season and for over-wintering your favourite patio plants. Supplied with an integrated cedar back panel allows user to position the Upright Coldframe against on the patio, against a wall, hedge or fencing. 
Whether your preference is to sow seeds, grow tender edibles or provide winter shelter to vulnerable plants, it will be hard to beat the versatility, space saving capacity and growing versatility of the Upright Coldframe. 
Owen Chubb Landscapes Limted are the exclusive Ireland Agent for Gabriel Ash Greenhouses. Based in Terenure, we supply & install Gabriel Ash Greenhouses throughout Ireland (including BNorthern Ireland). The Gabriel Ash Greenhouse Accessories including Upright Coldframes are also available in flatpacked (for self assembly) or we can supply fully assembled units. For more info, Tel 087-2306 128. 
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