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Timber Greenhouses 

Timber Greenhouses are invaluable for creating a protected growing environment for growing seedlings, and tender plants. However, there are many different kinds to choose from, so it is important to consider your growing requirements before deciding which timber greenhouse to purchase. 
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Choosing a Greenhouse 

In contrast to aluminum greenhouses timber greenhouses are a very traditional and attractive style greenhouse and although requiring only a small degree of annual maintenance, many prefer timber greenhouses for their more uniquely natural characteristics and environmental credentials.  

Why use a Greenhouse? 

Growing in a greenhouse ie under glass is a very effective and efficient way to sow seed, raise seedlings and grow edible/ornamental plants. The internal growing conditions are very benign and ideal for growing a wide range of edibles which would not be feasible or possible outdoors. This capability delivers not only an earlier start and but also a later finish to the extended growing season. 
Greenhouses are also ideal for overwintering tender garden plants which would otherwise not survive outside in our cold damp winters. 
Apart from growing & overwintering plants, timber greenhouses are increasingly enjoying a renaissance and Increasingly gardeners are choosing Greenhouses to use as Garden Rooms. Whether a greenhouse is used exclusively for growing or a more blended range of uses, there is no doubt of the growing importance of the timber Greenhouse as a beautiful centrepiece in the garden. 

How and where to site a Greenhouse 

Greenhouses thrive on sunlight, the more sun they get the better. The best position to site a greenhouse is where it will receive continuous sunshine throughout the day. Although many prefer to choose a position based on an east-west axis, some will use a north-south orientation especially for growing summer crops like tomatoes where both long sides receive several hours of sunshine in the morning and afternoon. 

Timber the natural choice for a Greenhouse 

Wood is an attractive, traditional building material and is better-suited to more garden styles. Timber is also a good insulator, so it will not lose or conduct heat as much as aluminum buildings. 

Shape and size matters 

Size matters and the bigger timber greenhouse the greater the growing capacity. There are of course many practical aspects to be considered, sliding or hinged doors, single or double doors, gable or curtain wall entrances? Longer or wider, with/out Porch entrance. Glass is best but good ventilation is crucial. Height is also important (especially for taller gardeners) not just at the eaves but also ridge height, taller greenhouses (Planthouses) allow taller plants to be grown. A minimum eaves height should be 1.5m (5ft) and ideally 1.8m (6ft) or more. In Planthouses the eaves height would typically be 2.0m+. 
Installing a timber greenhouse on a brick wall is especially useful as the bricks help to retain the daytime heat to create a warmer internal environment especially useful during winter. Brick walls are very robust and will considerably help to reduce the maintenance requirements of the internal space. Of course the main reason for choosing a brick wall will be the traditional beauty and classic combination of timber, glass and brick wall. 
Superior Cedar Greenhouses, endorsed by Royal Horticultural Society

Ventilation – more than just hot air 

It is vital that the greenhouse has sufficient ventilation and an easy way to regulate the internal air temperature. From our science classes, we all know hot air rises, and as it gathers in the ridge area, automatic ridge ventilation is best to allow this air to escape. Side vents are best for allowing cool air to enter and accelerate air movement. 

Tempered Glass 

Nothing transmits light quite like glass and unlike plastic materials, glass will not discolour or degrade in sunlight. Glass is not only more efficient in allowing more light to enter the greenhouse, it will also result in less loss of radiated heat within the greenhouse. Tempered (toughened) glass panes ensures that the user is protected in the event of any accidental breakages. 
Owen Chubb Garden Landscapes Limited is the Ireland Agent for Gabriel Ash Greenhouses. We offer a supply and installation service throughout Ireland (and Northern Ireland). All Gabriel Ash Greenhouses & Accessories are made with Western Red Cedar and come with a 10 year manufacturing warranty. The only timber greenhouses endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). 
Traditional Victorian Timber Greenhouses, supplied + fitted in  Ireland
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