Biohort Avantgarde Steel Garden Storage Shed, from Owen Chubb Garden Landscapers

Do your research and select the best steel shed to match your requirements. 

Buying a steel garden shed doesn’t necessarily have to be a flight of fancy. Now it is easy to do online research to determine the specifications, qualities and design attributes from most steel shed available to the homeowner. On the surface most steel sheds might look similar and sometimes hard to spot the differences, but take control before you hand over your hard earned money and check and/or ask for more specific details. 
Biohort Avantgarde Steel Garden Storage Shed Biohort HighLine Equipment Locker
Biohort Europa Garden Equipment Storage Biohort HighBoard Garden Storage Unit
Biohort Panorama Steel Garden Storage Shed Biohort Casa Nova
Biohort is Europe’s largest producer and leading seller of garden sheds & storage throughout Europe. Based in Austria – Biohort stands for “Life in the garden” and “Quality at its best”. 
All Biohort sheds offer an unmatched range of garden storage design solutions, which are exceptionally well made using industry leading material & manufacturing standards. No surprise to discover it is Europe’s largest and leading provider of steel garden sheds. Biohort steel sheds will not rust, require no painting and are maintenance free. For added peace of mind Biohort customers can enjoy a 20 year manufacturing warranty on all storage products. 
Biohort have appointed Owen Chubb Garden Landscapers as an official Biohort Dealer and at our GardenStudio premises in Terenure, Dublin we are committed to offering our customers the best value and unbeatable offers across the extensive Biohort range of steel garden sheds & storage solutions. For more information, call Owen Chubb 087-2306 128. 

What makes Biohort Steel Garden sheds so special? 

Firstly the company’s commitment to quality: 
Hot-dipped galvanised & polyamide coated double thickness steel plate 
All screws and hinges made of stainless steel 
Lifelong maintenance free 
Rainwater proof 
Storm proof (150kmh, wind force 12) 
Secondly the company’s product designs & features are ‘best in class’: 
Extensive range of standard equipment 
Easy to use 
Large selection of accessories 
Wide range of applications 
Secured with a 3 way locking system 
Thirdly the company’s extensive storage solutions for: 
Garden Sheds 
Tool Sheds 
Outdoor (Patio) Boxes 
Garden Lockers 
Bicycle Storage 
Wheelie Bin Storage 
Firewood Storage 
Garden Planters 
To find out more on which Biohort steel garden shed is best for your requirements or to discover more about what sets Biohort storage solutions apart from other suppliers, simply: 
Telephone: 087-2306 128 
Biohort – quality at its best now available from GardenStudio, Terenure, Dublin 6W 
Leisure Time Box, garden storage unit
Leisure Time Box 
BioHort StoreMax Bicycle Storage
StoreMax Bicycle Storage 
BioHort HighBoard Wheelie Bin Storage
HighBoard Wheelie Bin Storage 
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