Biohort LesiureTime Box - the perfect garden storage box in metallic silver | Supplied & Fitted by Owen Chubb in Terenure  | BEST PRICES in Dublin | Tel 087-2306 128

   The Biohort LeisureTime Box 160 is the perfect outdoor storage box, a stylish and durable garden storage box, ideal for storing seat cushions, toys, sun loungers, folding chairs, sports equipment etc.  The LesiureTime Box is also available in a wide range of sizes from 100cm -200cm long.  Exceptionally well made, the modern storage solution is ideal for use in garden, roof terrace and balcony areas.  Available in 5 colours (white, metallic silver, metallic quartz grey, metallic dark grey and metallic bronze) Made from corrosion resistant galvanised steel with durable polyamide finish. 20 year manufacturer’s warranty  

Biohort LeisureTime Box is available in the following sizes: 
Size 100: dimensions (Width x Length x Height): 101cm x 46cm x 61cm. PRICE : € 339.00 (incl VAT) 
Size 130: dimensions (Width x Length x Height): 134cm x 62cm x 71cm. PRICE : € 415.00 (incl VAT) 
Size 160high: dimensions (Width x Length x Height): 159m x 79cm x 83cm. PRICE : € 629.00 (incl VAT) 
Size 180: dimensions (Width x Length x Height): 181cm x 79cm x 83cm. PRICE : € 639.00 (incl VAT) 
Size 230: dimensions (Width x Length x Height): 227cm x 83cm x 182.5cm. PRICE : € 679.00 (incl VAT) 
COLOUR OPTIONS: White, Metallic Silver, Metallic Quartz Grey, Metallic Dark Grey and Metallic Bronze. 
We supply, deliver and install the Biohort LeisureTime Box products throughout Ireland. 
The superb quality and style of the Biohort LeisureTime Box 160 in metallic silver  | supplied + installed in Terenure by Owen Chubb Landscapers. Tel 087-2306 128.
We offer all customers a free delivery service and optional installation/assembly services. Order your Biohort Garden Shed and Garden Storage Solutions from us and save - we guarantee the best prices!  
For more info, call 087-2306 128. 
BUY BIOHORT LeisureTime Box at Owen Chubb GardenStudio and SAVE! 
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