Artificial Buxus Hedging Plants, synthetic Boxwood Hedging & Tiles 

Artificial Buxus Hedges and Boxwood hedging plants & tiles are ideal for the many environments or occasions where growing or maintaining natural plant displays is not feasible or possible. We offer a stunning range of high quality artificial synthetic buxus plants which not only look incredibly real but require absolutely no maintenance. Our range includes the very popular selling Boxwood Hedging & Boxwood Tiles. Our plants are high quality, ideal for use in a range of environment and all weather conditions. Easy to install, requiring zero maintenance and always looking superbly beautiful. We offer customers a very popular selling synthetic Box hedging in a number of size options and with a price guarantee that our prices will not be beaten in Dublin.  
We also offer a nationwide delivery service (extra charges will apply). 
Test our price guarantee today, simply call 087-2306 128 or request an individual quote by sending an email to 
Our Buxus hedging and Boxwood Cladding are perfect for gardens with poor soil, dull walls, or where additional privacy is required. Being artificial and colour fast, they can be positioned in all areas be in full sunshine or deep shade, with no need to worry about growing conditions, maintenance or upkeep. Robust, weatherproof, our range of artificial Box hedging, Boxwood Cladding provides immediate and long-lasting beautiful results with no work & no maintenance requirements year after year after year. 
Advantages of Artificial Box Hedging, Boxwood Cladding 
realistic looks with zero maintenance 
weatherproof, resilient - will not be damaged by wind, rain, sunshine or frost 
no need to worry about watering, trimming or box blight! 
immediate results with beautiful long-term performance 
easy to install  
create stunning architectural formal beds and hedges instantly 
Artificial Box Hedging & Boxwood Cladding are ideal for use in following areas/applications: 
Planted borders 
Outdoor Seating areas 
Shaded side access areas 
enhancing a dull space where no soil conditions are available 
perfect for a zero maintenance planting scheme for an Apartment Balcony  
ideal for use in post, planters in rooftop areas 
create an instant 'green wall' 
create a space efficient and effective privacy screen 
ideal for outdoor and indoor use 
as individual plants are not heavy to handle, making new planting arrangements for promotional displays, trade shows, instore promotions, hotels, conferences, hospitality etc is easy 
Best buy your Boxwood Hedging & Boxwood Cladding at GardenStudio - best prices in Dublin & Ireland. Nationwide Delivery service available. Installation services also available. 
Product Specifications & Prices  
Boxwood Hedging available in 3 sizes: 
Small (Product Ref Code B 30), dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 90cm x 20cm x 25cm. PRICE : € 96.00 (incl VAT) 
Medium (Product Ref Code B 31), dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 90cm x 25cm x 45cm. PRICE: € 201.00 (incl VAT) 
Large (Product Ref Code B 32), dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 80cm x 20cm x 95cm. PRICE: € 215.00 (incl VAT) 
Boxwood Cladding (available in a Tile format , 16 tiles/square metre) 
Single Tile (Product Ref Code B 33), dimensions 25cm x 25cm x 6cm. PRICE: € 8.68 (incl VAT). 
We offer all clients a complete design and installation service. Our extensive skills and expertise, we are able to advise clients with confidence and clarity and determine how best to design, build and implement their own Buxus hedging/Boxwood Cladding project. 

BUXUS HEDGING (Synthetic) 

Synthetic Boxwood hedging plants are practical, hard-wearing and virtually maintenance free. They are ideal for environments where natural planting would be neither feasible nor possible. Synthetic Buxus hedging can also be used in conjunction with natural plants. Create the perfectly framed formal borders and show off your favourite herbaceous planting scheme with even better all year round results. 
900m L x 200mm W x 450mm H 
Our optional installation services are also available to our customers throughout Ireland. 
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Boxwood/Buxus Wall Cladding (Synthetic) 

Synthetic Boxwood cladding offer excellent & instant solutions which are practical, hard-wearing and virtually maintenance free. The required cladding is constructed from interlocking individual tiles. Buxus Wall Cladding is ideal for environments where natural planting would be neither feasible nor possible. Boxwood cladding is ideal for providing instant privacy screens, privacy panels and covering ugly walls. 
Buxus wall cladding is the no–fuss & ideal way to restore garden privacy instantly. 
250mm x 250mm (individual Tile) 
Our optional installation services are also available to our customers throughout Ireland. 
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BUXUS HEDGING (click here for actual examples) 

Create perfect traditional looking hedging displays requiring zero maintenance 

BUXUS WALL CLADDING (click here for actual examples) 

Transform a dull garden wall instantly or add extra height for more privacy 
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