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Small Garden Landscaping

The critical factors for successful small garden design and landscaping are practical layout, colourful display and low maintenance. Each site offers some challenges and indeed opportunities which demand careful consideration, some creative thinking and a thoughtful execution if a successful result is to be achieved. Small garden sites demand that the space is used wisely for patio, play and planting areas. Design defines how these important functional requirements are co-ordinated in a pleasing and coherent manner. The scope of the garden even small gardens to provide sanctuary for a restful moment, space for outdoor living, a playful space for the children and a colourful planting display which appeals throughout the year, is all what one needs.

The essence of good family garden design especially for modest sized sites is well illustrated in this project: a colourful space in which children can play safely and adults may sit and relax, a space which offers an assuring sense of privacy and a pleasing background, an attractive and inviting layout featuring a good selection of varied and eye catching plants producing an attractive display which is safe and not too difficult to maintain.