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Pots & Planters

We offer our customers and also available from GARDENSTUDIO, an excellent selection of superior Planters and Containers to make impressive formal displays at House Entrance, Balcony, Driveway, and Patio areas. We offer a premium range of styles and varying sizes to satisfy a wide range of requirements.

Gardening with planters is enjoyable, easy and very rewarding way to achieve great results and real impact. Frequently container gardening is all about adding a splash of colour to give an extra wow affect, other times containers can be used very effectively to brighten a dull corner, obscure an unwanted view, frame an entrance etc.

Whether you wish to decorate indoors or outdoors, at home or at the office, at the entrance or on the patio, on the rooftop or on the balcony and even tricky areas like steps, the scope for using pots and planters is practically endless. Choose planters wisely, most planters will probably be used in outdoor situations, but do remember to choose products which are fit for purpose, i.e., frost proof, allow excess water and rain to drain away and a durable finish which will not scratch, crack or fade. Some planters have optional inbuilt irrigation solutions to provide plants with water only when needed, this labour and time saving feature is increasingly becoming very popular. For larger planters, it may also be worth considering incorporating a discreet means of mobility which will allow easy and convenient moving of planters to new positions on patio etc.

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