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Synthetic Lawns

For many garden enthusiasts the centrepiece of a beautiful garden is of course a lush green manicured lawn. However there are occasions when time, resources or indeed ground conditions are not suitable to sustain a natural grass lawn. Any thoughts of replacing a natural lawn with a synthetic or artificial grass surface might be greeted with cynicism and derision. But there are circumstances when an artificial lawn is the superior alternative to a weak natural grass lawn.

In sites suffering from persistent damp, it can be very difficult and always frustrating to retain any natural grass lawn in reasonable condition. When young children and/or pets playing in such conditions, it is inevitable that the constant wear and tear will severely impact the quality of the lawn area. Eventually permanent bare patches start appearing and grass continues to grow poorly. During wet spells conditions deteriorate quickly and the area becomes very muddy and usually off limits for children and especially pets. In such circumstances, artificial grass offers the perfect alternative with many other benefits.

A synthetic lawn is a very durable and weatherproof surface, making it ideal for use in all garden areas and throughout the year. This means there is always somewhere safe and clean for children and/or family pets to play without any fear of muddy feet or paws. They are also fade proof, rain proof and will not be stained by pets. Synthetic lawns apart from an occasional sweep, require no maintenance, so no more mowing, grass cutting etc. Artificial grass lawns are available in a range of grades to suit individual requirements. To get the best performance and lifespan it is important that good ground preparation is essential for a trouble free artificial grass lawn.

We have considerable experience in designing and installing artificial grass & synthetic lawns in a wide range of environments including domestic and commercial. 

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