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Specimen Plants

Specimen plants are a popular aspect of garden design and landscaping. Budget permitting they are used with great effect to produce stunning results which instantly creates a garden that looks well developed and mature.

Specimen plants are used extensively throughout the garden including at house entrances, on patios, in planted borders, pots, containers and raised planting beds etc. As the range of mature specimens continues to expand, there is a very wide range of choice of variety and sizes available.

A range of plant types are now readily available throughout the year to suit most plant types/requirements including hedging, trees and shrubs. Plants may be grown in the field or in containers, under controlled conditions. Often they are managed and manicured with regular and careful pruning or grown on frames to create a specific form or shape. During the growing stages, specimen plants make heavy demands on labour and time, making them cost prohibitive.

Some of the popular types of specimen plants commonly used include large mature shrubs, topiary plants and architectural or feature plants.

  • Feature
  • Architectural
  • Topiary


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