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Screening Plants

In large sites, solutions are many and much easier to determine and invariably involving a mixed planted scheme of trees and tall growing shrubs. This appealing natural barrier provides an effective wind break but also a natural impenetrable screen throughout the year.

In urban environments and built up areas, the local conditions often making the challenges much more difficult demanding more careful consideration to devise a solution which is effective yet practical, pleasing and easily managed.

Typically there are specific requirements for privacy and screening in most properties with distinctive differences and demands in Front and Rear garden areas. Because of the significant height requirements for privacy and screening varies between the front and rear areas, has resulted in preferred planted solutions.

Typically mature hedging will be used very effectively in front garden/driveway areas, although in theory similar plants can be used in rear gardens, the likelihood is that much taller and more space efficient less onerous plants will be used in the rear garden. Although the choice here is wider, quite often it is the naturally taller growing clumping varieties of bamboo plants which are increasingly used as effective screens.

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