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Water Features

Water features bring a splash of fun, and the sight and sound of running water is very popular. The design of water features can range from simple to very complex, but frequently, the key requirement is to keep it natural and simple. Often designs are informal compositions, featuring random natural stone boulders (sandstone, limestone, granite) combined with river/beach cobbles and a mix of ornamental grasses, hardy ferns and low growing herbaceous perennials. The results are always striking and for an additional excitement adding some garden spike spots, the dramatic night time effects make simply wonderful displays.

Water adds a new dimension to any garden. Always eye catching because of the mesmerizing effects and sounds running water creates is instantly relaxing. It is no surprise that on or near the main Patio is usually the most popular position for the water feature. Stone and water are very important elements and no garden is complete without the sound of water gently cascading over stones.

We construct water features in a range of styles and sizes. Our range is continuously expanding and popular styles include the traditional bespoke rock features, tall but impressive slate monoliths and for a more contemporary look, architectural shaped stone (granite & limestone) and premium stainless steel.

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