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In gardens, walls are used in many ways, typically to provide a secure and permanent boundary, sometimes to separate or isolate an area away from the main space and as feature walls used as a backdrop or screen to display other features or plants.

Essentially the construction of walls can be sub-divided into two distinct categories: walls constructed using ‘manmade materials’ such as concrete block or brick, common cost effective options. Alternatively and a more distinctive option but less common despite its greater tradition is constructing walls with natural stone (sandstone, limestone, granite etc). Although costing more than the common options, budgets permitting more people prefer natural stone walls.

The wide range of colours and styles available in natural stone walls ensures there is a stone suitable for use in gardens featuring contemporary or traditional designs. Natural stone is available in a range of distinctive colours including warm bright, subtle contemporary greys and dramatic darker greys/black tones.

Hardly anything can match or demonstrate the stunning beauty, textures and durable qualities of natural stone walls. The natural beauty and texture of natural stone walling never fails to impress, and perhaps uniquely little can demonstrate or match the stunning and durable crafted features of stone walls.

We have extensive experience and skills in constructing walls in a wide range of designs, styles, finishes and sizes as will be evident in our extensive project portfolio. We are one of the leading garden design and landscaping companies specialising in paving and construction using natural stone (Sandstone, Limestone, Granite & Liscannor). 

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