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Patio design must consider more than merely how it is to be used, by whom and when but also take the wider view of the garden into account. A distinguishing point of good patio design realises the importance of the patio as an integral element within the garden. It is vital that the patio enables people to indulge in and enjoy outdoor living, so it is important that the patio size and positioning is not only practical but appropriate for the garden design and layout.

The design and construction of patios should consider two very important elements, form and function. Form is not just a matter of size where bigger might mean being better as long as the criteria is simply more capacity for more people and more space for more activities etc. Patio design should also take account of the scale and spatial arrangements of other aspects of the garden, including accessibility to and from house and garden.

Typically, most prefer to have a seamless transition from House to Patio to garden with no change in levels. When this is not possible, steps must be incorporated to resolve the variance. But rather than being a means of getting from ‘A to B’, it is also worth considering the design aspects of the steps.

When there is no change in level between house and patio, makes a seamless transition much easier to achieve. The obvious benefits of having a seamless transition are that it is simple, convenient and safer. On those beautiful sunny days, it gives so much pleasure to open the doors fully and allow the house and garden to briefly mingle as one.

No matter what your preferred patio design style is, people are now demanding more from this important aspect of the outdoor area. To see it as an area from which to enjoy your garden retreat or admire the planting is to greatly underestimate the true importance of the many valuable contributions a garden patio can offer. The patio is a vital component of the ‘Outdoor living space’.

  • Sandstone

  • Limestone

  • Granite

  • Liscannor Stone

We have comprehensive experience and expertise in Patio design and construction as illustrated by our extensive project portfolio. We are one of the leading designers and installers of patios constructed with natural stone (Sandstone, Limestone, Granite & Liscannor). 

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