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Garden Pathways

We design and build pathways in a range of sizes and finishes. As natural stone specialists, we pay great attention to the detailing of all our stone work. We work with a wide range of natural stone finishes and colours including:

  • Sandstone

  • Limestone

  • Granite

In addition we also construct pathways in ornamental pebble, gravel and rolled grit finishes.

The choice of surface finish and geometry of pathways is an important element within the overall design scheme. Pathways can be used to determine or emphasise the layout, geometry and access to various areas. Pathways are ideally positioned to provide convenient access but also to avoid the pitfalls of unnecessary dissection of key areas, typically lawns.

Pathways may be configured in various shapes and sizes, including linear, sweeping, circular and curvo-linear. Many prefer the gentle form of curved or sweeping pathways, which can be used to create a softer finish to lawn or planted border areas, as well contributing to a more distinctive overall geometric layout.

Linear pathways are a popular choice when a direct link is preferred and are common feature in layouts of a more architectural or contemporary design.

Other pathway finishes available include:

  • Ornamental pebble pathways

  • Gravel pathways

  • Rolled Grit pathways

Ornamental pebbles, gravel and grit finishes are very popular choices in more naturalised looking gardens including rustic, herbaceous and Victorian.

Pathway Edgings

Our pathways are edged in a variety of finishes, including natural stone (setts or kerbing), pine timber sleeper etc. A number of factors need to be considered including position, surface finish, ground levels etc before determining what the appropriate edging should be.

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