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Fortunately the traditional barriers to using garden lighting: high energy consumption, unreliable performance, high running costs and frequent replacement of lamps have all been overcome by the recent and very dramatic technical advances in LED lighting. Now thanks to LED lighting, a typical garden LED lighting installation comprising of 10-15 lights will to provide a stunning lighting performance throughout the garden, consume less than 50Watts electrical power/hour and the LED lamps will last for at least 30,000 hours and often very much more.

Garden Lighting provides many opportunities for additional enjoyment and satisfaction to admire the garden. More importantly it provides great scope to use the garden more and create stunning eye catching displays of the plants at night throughout the year. LED lighting offers stunning results and very low running costs to illuminate your favourite plants, tall and small, water features, in fact, when it comes to it, if you like it, light it!

There are many types of lighting available each designed to meet specific requirements (functional) and other lights intended for creating a certain mood or effect (ornamental). Functional lights include bollard lights for driveways, security lights (with PIR motion detectors), Overhead (Wall, Garden Shed) etc. These lights are designed to make areas visible and accessible during darkness. Ornamental lights which includes the vast majority of outdoor lights used in garden areas are primarily used to highlights parts of the garden, favourite tree or plant, water features, steps and walls. The three key lighting types and applications used in gardens are Surface Lights (uplighting trees and walls), Ground Lights (adjustable lighting for shrubs, plants, water features) and Bollard Lights (illuminate driveway, footpath areas).

We offer a comprehensive range and choice of garden lighting, controllers and installation services. For added convenience we also supply+fit motion/light activated controllers/sensors, analogue/digital programmers, wireless/remote and smart phone.

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