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The process of undertaking any groundworks begins firstly with a thorough inspection of site, completion of site survey and preparing an implementation plan. Typically, groundworks require good co-ordination to ensure all works are undertaken, safely, efficiently, cost effectively and with the minimum disruption to client, property and neighbouring properties.

  • Site Clearance

Before replacing with new, we first have to remove the old. Site clearance can range from literally removing from site all existing lawns, paving, decking, trees, shrubs, garden sheds and outbuildings.

  • Land Drain Installation

Often the cause of poor surface drainage, usually manifested by the presence of damp ground, moss growing etc, is poor drainage resulting from over compaction of ground. This is usually rectified by repeated rotovation of soil areas and removing the offending material obstructing the drainage and supplementing with soil improvers, conditioners etc. The regular presence of surface water spoils the enjoyment of the garden, making ground conditions difficult resulting in underperforming lawn and plant growth. In severe cases, excess water can pose a serious threat of water damaging nearby structures etc. Such instances require the installation of land drains to manage the excess water. We have extensive experience of implementing land drain solutions to manage surface and underground water control in a range of environments up to and including dealing with springs and constant run-off from neighbouring sites.

  • Ground Grading & Levelling

Most people prefer the look and convenience of levelled ground. On sloping sites, levels can be used to create more interest and/or be terraced to create a series of levelled areas. A keen eye and attention to detail is essential to determine the scope or requirements for ground grading and levelling. Few things will cause more frustration or disappointment where the ground or surface area has been poorly levelled.

We have extensive experience in completing a wide range of groundworks including demolition, site clearance, excavations, levelling, and installation of land drains on a range of sites, from urban gardens with restricted/no access to very challenging large elevated sites on sloping ground.


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