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Garden Fencing

Most gardens have boundary walls and/or fencing. Sometimes these areas can be difficult to improve and make interesting. Common solutions tend to focus on planting climbers or large shrubs with the hope that these will in time smother or hide the problem. However many tend to underestimate the level of maintenance involved in controlling vigorous growing climbing plants. Eventually the problem becomes much bigger to manage than the original!

But how does one turn a potential eyesore into a feature point? A popular solution especially in urban gardens is to install a custom built fence to provide a clean and effective screen. The premier choice is timber cladding (shiplap) commonly used to conceal unsightly walls or fencing panels. The neat and sleek surface finish always creates impressive results.

No more visible signs of unattractive or misaligned panels, no unsightly posts, make shiplap cladding an ideal fencing solution. A clean boundary creates attractive backgrounds making planting displays more prominent and striking. For even more stunning results, applying a painted finish to the fencing not only makes an exciting backdrop but also makes the garden appear bigger and more inviting.

We provide a range of custom built fencing services in the following finishes:

  • Bespoke Boarded Fencing

  • Post and Panel Fencing

  • Timber Wall Cladding

  • Shiplap Fencing

  • Chain link Fencing

  • Trellis Screening

We offer clients a comprehensive range of bespoke fencing design & installation services in various finishes and designs to suit the individual garden requirements. Only pressure treated timbers and rustproof screw fixings are used in our timber fencing projects.

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