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Large & Rural Garden Design

Designing large gardens usually affords many possibilities to exploit the site’s natural levels and characteristics. Following completion of preliminary site investigations, initial discussions and consultations with clients would identify and scope project objectives, requirements as well key design elements and features. An obvious and distinct advantage of many large sites is the wider range of options available to the owners.

Typically the design of larger gardens requires very careful consideration and planning in order to manage the abundance of more scale, more features, more naturalized planting schemes, more expansive patio spaces etc.

Quite often designing large sites into smaller individual compartments makes it possible to develop a journey of discovery through the garden area, whereby each area appears to be seamlessly linked to the next, providing scope for specific use and individual expression.

Occasionally, the design of large sites must also overcome the challenges of difficult local terrain and conditions including undulating or sloping ground, the presence of surface rock or excess water. Such issues demands experienced and competent technical design and planning to be resolved, managed and incorporated within the new landscaping plan.

Designing large sites demands an ability to manage and attend to the smallest details as well as the competence and abilities required to manage and oversee the larger site requirements. The design opportunity will range from detailing individual areas and features into a coherent plan which exploits the generous availability of space.

We offer clients a comprehensive range of garden design & planning services, including initial concept layouts, design & planting plans, fully specified landscaping design plans and consultancy. Our private design clients are mainly both local and national but also international. Our private design projects range from small urban gardens, family gardens to large rural landscaping.