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Family Garden Design

Designing family gardens is often a process of satisfying particular requirements and one in which form usually follows function. Often these requirements might be obvious or specific and usually demanding a layout which optimises the space for specific needs. Typically these needs include, enabling younger family members more scope for safe play and enjoyment, a patio area in which the family can enjoy the outdoor occasions, garden storage, and an attractive planting scheme which does not require too much maintenance.

Making use of all space is also an important requirement in most family gardens. Layouts are largely influenced by practical requirements. Plants are selected to provide ornamental interest and sometimes useful screening.

The design requirements for gardens with sloping aspects are often much more challenging. In such instances, the design seeks to make as much of the garden area more accessible and usable. Which is why split-level designs are popular solutions to address sloping ground in sub-urban gardens?

Often simple geometric designs and layouts can be used in family garden design to good effect to produce a natural but gentle yet distinctive dynamic within an open aspect. Such layouts can feature several focal points, creating much to attract the eye and retain attention. A striking range of planting producing seasonal results throughout the year ensures that this seasonal dynamic effect is hard at work throughout the year.

Designing low maintenance family gardens must also take account of outdoor areas (patios), storage (play equipment) and playing surfaces which are safe and durable. Getting this far is very good but if one can go to the next stage and incorporate planting schemes which are not only attractive, but easy to maintain and unlikely to ever get out of control, then one is nearing the garden design objective to which many family garden owners aspire: a garden which is fun to be in, low maintenance but looks good throughout the year.

We offer clients a comprehensive range of garden design & planning services, including initial concept layouts, design & planting plans, fully specified landscaping design plans and consultancy. Our private design clients are mainly both local and national but also international. Our private design projects range from small urban gardens, family gardens to large rural landscaping.