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Family Garden Design

Optimising the space for playful activities and satisfying use.

Large & Rural

Realising the potential of generous and abundant space to create seamless natural results.

Small Gardens

Exploiting the full potential of limited space for maximum and practical enjoyment

Garden Design

Garden Design is an essential element in all garden projects and we offer all our clients, local national and international, a complete range of professional design services.

Our garden design services available throughout Dublin and Ireland include preparing initial design concepts, layouts and detailed garden plans. We have extensive experience in preparing design ideas and design plans for a range of gardens including small garden ideas, family garden plans and fully detailed large garden plans.

Many will be familiar with the critical importance of space especially in designing small gardens. Creating small garden ideas Dublin Ireland which are practical, appealing and cost effective is vital. Our comprehensive small garden design and landscaping skills and experiences ensures that clients will enjoy ideas which optimises outdoor living, a playful space for the children or family pets and an easily managed (low maintenance), colourful planting display throughout the year.

Designing family gardens in Dublin and Ireland is often a process of satisfying particular requirements and one in which form usually follows function. Often family design ideas focus on requirements which might be obvious or specific. Family garden ideas usually involves devising a layout which optimises the space for specific needs (children’s play areas, garden patios, garden pathways, raised beds, garden storage, family friendly planting schemes featuring resilient low maintenance plants.

Often large & rural garden design in Ireland offers many possibilities to exploit the site’s natural levels and characteristics. The obvious and distinct advantage of designing large gardens in Dublin and Ireland is the wider range of options available to the owners.

Typically large & rural garden design ideas requires very careful consideration and planning in order to manage the abundance of more scale, more features, more naturalized planting schemes, more expansive patio spaces etc.

Our design services are comprehensive and include a full range of  design & planning services, including initial concept layouts, design & planting plans, fully specified landscaping design plans and consultancy. Our private design clients are mainly both local and national but also international. Our private garden design projects range from small gardens, family gardens to large rural garden landscaping.


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