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Driveway Planting

Plants are fundamental to the life and soul of every garden, so much so, one could argue, without plants, there is no garden. Plants are an essential aspect and integral part of every garden. Plants not only play a key role in defining the atmosphere of the garden, but also extend an inviting hand to come closer to nature. Whether you are inspired by the architectural forms of contemporary planting schemes or feel more at home in the romantic atmosphere of a cottage gardening, gardens need plants and people need gardens.

The choice, style range and size of plants are practically endless. The range is now so diverse and the choice so enormous, making it sometimes difficult to choose. There are plants readily almost throughout the year available to suit every possible growing condition and environment. For those willing to pay extra, there are many options when it comes to selecting fully developed plants to create an instant established garden overnight and brimmed with developed plants.

Our practical ‘know-how’ in choosing the right range of plants and careful planting ensures long lasting beauty in your garden

  • Screening
  • Ornamental
  • Low Maintenance
  • Architectural
  • Feature
  • Hedging

We take great pride and attention to devising our planting schemes and our emphasis on the importance of good ground preparation a constant priority, ensures that plants remain healthy and thrive to form superb compositions. 

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