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Pebble Driveways

The term ‘Pebble’ Driveways refers to a wide range of compacted loose stone surface, a traditionalfinish used for Driveways. However the use of the term ‘Pebble’ in driveways’ can sometimes bemisleading and often results in some confusion.

Usually pebbled ie rounded stones are used primarily in ornamental areas and because of therounded shape prevent them from compacting or consolidating, make them unsuitable for areaswhere there is pedestrian and/or vehicle traffic. As rounded pebbles tend to spread easily, it is alsovery difficult to move or wheel any heavy objects across pebbled surfaces. Inappropriate use ofpebble finishes often result in unsightly ridges or channels.

A more effective loose surface is to use stone chippings, again these are available in a wide range ofnatural finishes, colours and sizes. As the name suggests, this group tends to have little or norounded shapes, making them more likely to compact, consolidate and produce a ‘reasonably stable’surface, suitable for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

All loose stone surfaces will require an occasional raking and weeds and other debris should beremoved. Choose colour carefully, as lighter tones in contrast to neutral or darker tones will requiremore and regular routine maintenance.

Loose surfaces are suitable for reasonable flat or level ground conditions although there arespecialist proprietary products are available to help retain loose stone on sloping ground. Controllingand preventing spread of weeds is demanding and use of a permeable weedbarrier is essential toinhibit growth.

In comparison to other alternatives, pebble driveways are very cost effective and provide aneffective drainage solution for dealing with surface water run-off.

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