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Driveway Lighting

Driveway lighting is ideal to provide a safe and appealing welcoming entrance to your home. However with driveway lighting ‘less is more’ and avoid the risk of over-lighting. Energy efficient options (CFL and LED) are now widely available for use in driveway lighting products including Bollards, Surface and Recess. There are several areas which will benefit from lighting including entrance, borders, walls, parking space, trees and planting.

In comparison to driveway lighting the choice and range of options available for ornamental lighting in the planted areas is much more extensive. In contrast to the functional driveway lighting, ornamental lighting provides a complementary and distinctive effect which when done effectively, the combination of the two types of lighting does create very striking results. Another advantage of using driveway lighting and worth of considering is the probability that the property being more secure.

  • Bollard
  • Adjustable Spike Spot Lights
  • Automated Lighting

We offer a comprehensive range and choice of garden lighting, controllers and installation services. For added convenience we also supply+fit motion/light activated controllers/sensors, analogue/digital programmers, wireless/remote and smart phone operated control solutions.

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