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Granite Driveways

Despite the higher material and installation costs, increasingly natural stone is becoming thepreferred material of choice for driveways. More and more people are discovering thatdriveway design and installation is much more than short-term affordability but the realadvantages of better long term value of troublefree performance with low maintenance requirements.

Which is why, natural stone choices especially granite are undoubtedly becoming morepopular as the preferred choice for the driveway surface. The impressive performance andlow maintenance requirements in comparison to inferior alternative finishes significantlyoutweigh the additional costs involved for installing the superior and durable finish of anatural stone driveway surface. Granite is ideal and can be used in any site and available in arange of formats, colours and sizes, there are plenty of options available for you to chooseyour preferred style.

When it comes to choosing a surface finish for a new driveway, it is well worth consideringthe advantages and disadvantages of the various finishes available. The natural strength,beauty and durability of granite Driveways is often imitated but never matched. For a longlasting, easily maintained and weed free driveway surface, the natural choice is granite.Maintenance is easy and occasional. In problematic shaded areas or under tree canopies, anysurface staining is quickly, easily and safely removed with power washing.

Use granite creatively to create interesting finishes and a wonderfully appealing texturedfinish. Granite setts make an attractive rustic area for parking cars and the flat non-sliptextured surface of the granite paving slabs make an ideal surface for pedestrian traffic.Combining the textural qualities of granite paving with granite setts creates a moreharmonious but excellent finish. Granite makes the perfect choice to complement lush lawnsand colourful planted borders.

We have extensive experience in Driveway design and construction in a range of naturalstone finishes, primarily Granite, Sandstone and Limestone. Pride in our skills and pride inour work is evident throughout all of our driveway project assignments. Our eye for detailand industry leading levels of workmanship is fundamental to our success and a key factorwhy we enjoy regular demand for our services to design and install Driveways of exceptionalquality, skill and craft. Also very popular are combinations featuring natural stone anddecorative stone chippings, ideal for clients preferring a more traditional or rustic drivewaysurface finish.

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