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Owen Chubb Garden Landscapers is an award winning garden landscaping company in Dublin, Ireland. This is our blog where we share our ideas, day-to-day experiences and inspiration.


Latest Blog Posts

Create a garden fence in style

13 Jul 2014
Bespoke and pressure treated shiplap fencing fencing provides a seamless fencing solution and a stylish addition to the garden. read more » Related to: Landscaping, Fencing

Family Garden Design & Landscaping

12 Jul 2014
Project where the objectice is to remodel an underused jaded space into a lush and stylish family garden.

Stylish low maintenance garden design elements

07 Jul 2014
Design is an integral aspect of every garden project where performance, reliability and style are essential requirements.

Screening Hedge - Portuguese Laurel

07 Jul 2014
Portuguese Laurel is a premium choice for creating an instant and formal hedge and an excellent alternative to the usual choices.

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