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Some useful criteria for selecting a Stainless Steel Water Feature

When it comes to selecting a stainless steel water feature, there is a very large range of styles and sizes from which to choose. Before making your final decision, there are some important aspects to be considered during the selection process. These include quality of stainless steel material, not all stainless steel is the same.

Ideally select grade 304, this has excellent grade finish and is particularly durable. Simple and easily accessible means of securing the water feature is particularly important. For example tall narrow features might appear elegant but if used externally can become very unstable during windy conditions and topple over. An effective means of securing the feature in position is therefore essential. Small adjustments may also be required in order to get the optimum performance and an even water flow.

Afterall you do want to enjoy mesmerizing flows and soothing ripples? Sometimes some minor adjustments to correct the vertical and horizontal levels might be required. If this is not possible you could end up with a water feature which is off balance and be leaning and consequently the water flow will not appear uniform and even.

Most stainless steel water features come with plastic reservoirs which are intended to be buried in the ground. Some manufacturers offer additional trims to facilitate the free standing of reservoirs on a hard surface, however these are rarely satisfactory and can be very difficult to secure. A better solution for a free standing feature is to select an integrated feature, ie one which comes with a stainless steel reservoir and finished to a very high standard. In better quality designs, it should not be possible to see any fixings, pump or indeed inside the reservoir. Integrated stainless steel water features because of their superior finish are particularly suited for above ground installations and are ideal for a range of areas of applications including private and commercial interiors. They may of course be installed on a patio area.

Lastly but not least ensure the water pump is reasonably quiet, there’s nothing worse than the intrusive noise of a poor quality pump to interfere and disrupt the soothing sound effects of running water. Pump capacity is very important, it is not uncommon especially with cheaper features to have pumps which have a very limited capacity to achieve good user controlled variable flow rates for the particular feature. Ensure the pump has adequate capacity to provide sufficient water flow that is appealling to you.

Do bear in mind that on very windy days it might be advisable to reduce the flow rates, so a facility to adjust the flow rate easily is very desirable. There is no doubt that a water feature is a wonderful addition to any interior or exterior environment, and if your feature is particularly good quality you will also enjoy some potential health benefits of a localised ionised atmosphere which can result from running water. The effect is somewhat similar to what people experience after a heavy downpour of rain, a refreshing sensation on the local atmosphere.

These pointers should ensure a wise decision when selecting your stainless steel water feature.

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