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Raised Planting Beds in Natural Sandstone

The completion of the construction of the raised planting bed represents a turning point in our garden project in Leopardstown. The natural drystone finish enhances the beauty and crafted finish of this enduring garden feature and is a key design component of the new garden. Often one hears the expression, 'less is more' and this is also very applicable to the design and landscaping of many gardens, most especially ones where space is limited. In this Leopardstown garden, design and landscaping has been used to enhance the sense of space, to create a bright and open aspect layout, and one which is easily enjoyed but demanding little in terms of routine garden maintenance.

The sweeping aspect to the design of the raised planting bed provides an attractive yet effective control of the planted borders. Colours have been carefully considered to provide a warm, bright and inviting atmosphere.

Our attention will now switch to the installation of the garden lighting before beginning the exciting stage and one which defines most gardens, the planting phase.

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