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Raised Planting Beds

Raised Planting Beds or simply Raised Beds fulfill a very useful role in many gardens. Some popular reasons for using Raised Beds include, a purpose built planting environment with good soil (especially useful where existing soil/growing conditions are poor), elevating planting area for added impact, especially useful in gardens featuring low level low maintenance planting schemes, more accessible and less bending and therefore more practical for older gardeners. Of course Raised Beds offers scope for introducing additional planting levels on a site which owners might consider a 'little flat', they are also a very useful solution for offering some protection from potential accidental damage by running pets, playing children, football etc.

Raised Beds can be constructed in any shape, size and almost any layout. Popular choices include Pine Sleepers, rendered Concrete Blockwork, Brickwork and perhaps top of the class Natural Stone (Sandstone, Limestone, Granite, Quartz etc). Almost any plant, shrub, tree can be grown in Raised Planters. But increasingly Raised Beds are being used to grow Fruit/Vegetable produce. Indeed Raised Beds are a very useful solution for constructing Raised Water features.

Raised Beds can be position on any surface including soil, grass or hard surface and depending on preferred material and construction methods, can be relatively quick and easy to complete.

In summary, the key advantages to utilising Raised Beds:

- provides solution to grow in areas where currently scope is limited (no soil or poor soil conditions)

- provides an ready made control solution for preferred soil conditions (eg provide a lime free growing zone in lime conditions)  

- easy access with good soil little digging is required  

- ideal for gardeners who do not like bending

- offers protection from accidental damage by family pets or playing children

- add additional heights or focal points to the garden design

- ideal for growing a wide range of plants, shrubs, trees, fruit and vegetables. 

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