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November Gardening Tips


In November, the clocks have been re-set for winter time, days are much shorter now, and often wetter and much colder. Conditions are uninviting and generally much more challenging especially if there are strong winds and/or frost. Occasionally mild sunny spells may prevail but not for long often replaced by wetter and much windier conditions. Still we need to exploit any mild spells as valuable opportunities to complete any outstanding gardening tasks. This month is often the month for cutting back/tidying and also traditionally a very busy period for planting (bare-rooted and/or rootballed) new hedging, trees and shrubs.    

  • Remove fallen leaf from lawn areas and use to make leaf mould, an excellent compost for planted border. Simply dampen collected leaves and store in a black plastic bag. Pierce bag and set aside for 6 months
  • Check and remove (rake/scarify) any moss and thatch from lawn areas
  • If temperatures remain mild, grass will continue to grown, wait for dry conditions before giving the lawn a trim
  • Check to ensure that all tree stakes and ties are secure
  • Apply Autumn/Winter lawn feed (high in phosphates and potash) to encourage good root development
  • November is a good month to take a critical look at the garden, correct any mistakes,  determine and plan changes for spring and remove any unwanted trees or shrubs
  • Time is running out to complete any remaining planting of tulip bulbs
  • Tidy all planted borders and remove faded deciduous plants
  • Check all pot plants which will dehydrate quickly in windy conditions
  • As temperatures fall, it is important to provide some water and food for local birdlife.  

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