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Light up your garden with LED Garden Lighting

Light up your garden with LED Garden Lighting

Around now the fiery glows of autumn are slowly slipping away to be replaced by the dreary and cold darkness of winter. The long nights of darkness impose a more housebound lifestyle, whilst the dwindling hours of faded daylight provide little scope or opportunity for enjoying time in the garden. It is however a very good time to make new plans, consider new ideas or additions or improvements to the garden for the new season. High on many gardener's list and certainly worthy of serious consideration is garden lighting. In the past, gardeners were reluctant to install lighting, often for very good reasons, expensive to install, even more expensive to operate, maintenance and upkeep was to say the least onerous. Most will agree however, that a garden with lights is a joy to behold, and presenting so many new opportunities to enjoy the garden more, no matter what the weather might be. A nice garden in darkness is unseen and a missed opportunity. Introducing lighting provides endless scope for more enjoyment and satisfaction of your favourite garden areas. New advances in lighting technology (LED lights) and modern manufacturing have had a tremendous impact on the reliability, performance, energy consumption and most significantly reduced running costs. The impact has been immediate, most new gardens projects will include garden lighting as an integral aspect within the overall design plan. Sceptics are usually overwhelmed when they see the impact a well positioned lighting can have, supporters are ecstatic, often spending many hours simply enjoying the relaxing mood and seemingly endless changing effects. Older well established gardens do tend to catch up, and over the colder, darker winter months is the perfect time to consider introducing a new dimension to your garden and enjoying the many benefits of even a modest garden lighting scheme will offer. There are endless opportunities for lighting effects, patio and pathway areas, favourite plants or trees, water features etc. New LED garden lights are very efficient, generating little heat, they are very energy efficient, with a reliable long working life and low running costs, making them a very affordable and wise investment. LED garden lighting affords every loving garden owner to simply get more enjoyment, see more garden and enjoy more often. Let there be LIGHT! [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2" orderby="rand"] Modern LED lights are typically available in 1 Watt, 2 Watt, 3 Watt and these using only a fraction (5% or less) of the energy consumption of their halogen predecessors (35W or 50W GU 10).

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