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LED Garden Spike Lights offering lower running cost and longer running enjoyment.

Any improvements to garden lighting is welcomed news. In recent years, thanks to new advances in LED lighting technology combined with more informed energy conscious consumers has helped to make garden lighting  a much more popular priority. As claims from LED lamps manufacturers now offering a working life in excess of 50,000 hours and producing significant light output whilst only consuming 3 Watts of electricity is now making lighting a common feature in most gardens. Whether your requirements is to illuminate favourite shrub, tree or feature there is now an LED garden lighting product offering a bright, low cost and long running solution. A very popular example is the GU 10 Garden Spike light which together with a 3Watt LED lamp is a wonderful and very affordable garden light. Here is a very good alternative option on the Garden Spike light, which is available in black or silver grey. Made from die cast aluminium for 240v GU10 lamps, toughened glass and comes with a ground spike. Unlike other similar products, this version does not require the removal of any screws to access the lamp compartment. Replacing lamps is made much easier, simply unscrew the front ring to access the lamp compartment. If in any doubt about the installation or use of this product, consult a competent electrician. Garden Spike Lights and 3W LED lamps are available (usually ex-Stock) from our GARDENSTUDIO. For more information on products, prices and availability, please contact us.

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