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LED Garden Lighting - we have some bright ideas for you.


When it comes to extending the use, enjoyment and appearance of the garden area, few features can match the performance and payback of LED lighting. The range of LED garden lighting options now available is staggering, however choose carefully, as costs, performance and value can vary widely. 

Before you decide on a particular product, first considser carefully what type of light you require and ensure it is the correct solution and fit for purpose. For example, Bollard lights will usually be used to distribute light evenly in a circle but not very effective or suitable for uplighting a favourite shrub or tree. Adjustable spike spots on the otherhand are wonderful for directing light at, through and up at your favourite plant or tree. Whereas Uplighters or surface lights are ideal for throwing against a wall and washing the area with light to create stunning effects in bamboo and stone built walls. We have the products, expertise and experience to offer you independent and professional advice on selecting the right lights for your garden.

If you want to find out how you can experience your garden in a new light and start enjoying a better looking garden more often, email us now ( or call us on 087-2306 128 for more details.






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