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Large Family Garden Design & Landscaping in Rathfarnham

When space is available, the scope for creating an appealing, practical and easily maintained family garden might seem straightforward. The sudden urge to create an expansive lawn, a patio and include a garden shed may seem like the obvious starting and finishing point. But on closer examination and careful consideration of the site potential, the owner's current but also changing future requirements, will undoubtedly provide scope for some design influence which not only addresses the changing functionality but also providing a basis for an immediate appeal and scope for future enhancements. 

In this project, the main feature and key requirement was for a level and expansive lawn area followed by an area for the family to enjoy sitting out during the day but also evening. Garden storage was tucked away to one side and a variable and sweeping perimeter border will provide much scope for a more appealing and variable planting arrangement. The results should reflect a more natural scheme and in stark contrast to the conventional 1m wide linear beds which invariably results in endless cutting of plants/shrubs and loss of natural effect.

The Front Garden/driveway area too was expansive and here too the requirement was clear and obvious, optimise the space for parking of cars, complete remedial works to perimeter brick walls, plant a new border hedge and install a more appropriate style of paving to the House entrance, taking account of the style of the red brickwork finishes. Granite was the obvious stone of choice and here it is complemented well by the quartz stone driveway surface finish. The Bay Laurel hedging will provide a natural and stylish perimeter hedge within a relative short period of time.

Phase I of the Front and Rear gardens completed, attention will now switch to finalising the planting plans and complete the planting phase. All seems very different to what and when we started just a few weeks ago. 

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