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Granite Driveway Entrance

Many homeowners like the rustic characteristics of gravel (loose stone chippings) driveway surfaces, but few enjoy the enjoy the regular maintenance chores of raking the chippings back from the entrance. This tedium is easily avoided by installing a stone entrance, not only will this significantly reduce the spill-over of stone chippings onto public pavement areas, but also make for a much smarter and more appealing entrance.

Various materials can be considered but few will match the durable and lasting qualities of granite setts. Available in various colours (silver grey, dark grey and yellow) in both split ( slightly uneven surface) and machined (flat surface) finishes. A smart solution for the savvy gardener which not only saves time and effort but produces a much smarter finish to the home/driveway entrance area.

An existing jaded is quickly and easily transformed by installing a generous new entrance (ideally minimum of 1000 mm deep) constructed with granite setts.



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