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Granite Driveway design and installation Rathfarnham

When it comes to deciding what finish to choose for the new driveway, the stark choice is influenced by budget v performance. Sometimes, financial constraint may reduce options but increasingly homeowners are seeking better value for money spent. This should not be confused with efforts to spend less but on the contrary, they are seeking to spend more wisely and if necessary to invest more in a more viable longer term solution which addresses all of their requirements and expectations. Increasingly the informed investor, will choose granite, not least for its uncompromising hard wearing qualities and its naturally appealing tones. Granite looks equally well in stately surroundings and sub-urban family homes.

When designing and implementing a new driveway, clearly safe access, easy parking are very important factors but so too are the softer aspects including lawns, planted areas etc. Not surprising, many will seek to optimise both, and despite the obvious pressure of space and the conflict between parking and planting, it is generally space permitting, possible to define a layout to satisfy both conflicting requirements.

Often granite setts because of their more rugged surface finishes are preferred for the parking areas, and the comparatively flat smooth (but non slip) surface of the calibrated granite paving is ideal for the standing and entrance step areas. An unusual aspect of this project was the presence of rain harvesters and which necessitated careful consideration of a suitable planting scheme which would be colourful, low maintenance and would not pose any future difficulty or access to the area. A scheme featuring low growing summer and winter flowering heathers was chosen, which will ensure plenty of vibrant colourful flower and foliage throughout the year. In contrast, a borderline of clipped Box (Buxus) hedging was planted along the plinth, to provide a colourful buffer between house and parking area.    






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