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A gorgeous practical family garden in Templeogue

In common with many typical family gardens, there is a long list of must have's or requirements for many families. The design objectives for this garden was no different to most, yes as much space for young children to play and enjoy (lawn areas), storage (garden shed), work (home office), laundry (rotary line), somewhere to sit in mornings and evenings (patio areas), an easy means of getting from A to B (footpath) and all this before getting to the key elements of the garden, lost of colour, interest throughout the year, easy to maintain, safe for children etc.

The end results reflects an approach which sought to retain an open aspect to the garden this very much helped to optimise the sense of space. The use of curves to define the pathways and patio areas were used to soften the overall line as well as linking the various key elements patio, storage etc 

Planting was varied and selected for colour, ease of maintenance and performance and included some feature trees (Japanese Maples, Olive) low growing shrubs, ornamental grasses and a wide range of seasonal herbaceous perennials which could relied upon to provide repeat annual colourful displays.

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