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Garden Water Features Design Ideas

When it comes to creating stunning and memorable garden features few ideas will match the immediate impact of the humble water feature. Unlike large traditional pond features which pose a significant hazard and safety threat especially with younger children, compact water features are self contained units and ideal use in family gardens where safety especially with pets and/or young children would be a priority. A simple self contained water resource comprising of a sunken water reservoir and a small pump will combine to transform a simple natural planted area into a unique garden feature. Enjoy the comfort and great calming atmosphere created by the water feature.

At our GARDENSTUDIO, customers can choose from a range of stunning features including raw natural boulders, sculptured granite and slate or stainless steel. Each feature is  customised to match individual customer's preferred design requirements and garden style. Whatever your preference, rustic or contemporary, large or small areas, a water feature will provide an immediate impact and create an inviting, soothing and calming atmosphere.

All of our water features in our GARDENSTUDIO have been specially selected for natural and quality finishes, reliable performance and minimal maintenance requirements. Water features are available to buy in a variety of sizes, formats and finishes. We also offer a range of optional accessories including river cobbles, planting and LED lighting.

An installation service is also available.

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