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Silver Granite Sphere Water Feature

Not all but certainly most gardeners do appreciate water features, which not only look well but provide added fun, excitement and enjoyment in the garden. Afterall, the soothing sounds of gurgling water is very appealing and can be hard not to resist? But when it comes to selecting what type of feature, careful consideration is important. For example, open water may be attractive but demands considerable and regular maintenance. There are also of course the potential hazards and safety concerns with open water especially for young children to be considered. In contrast, a Reservoir type water feature in which the water is safely contained in an underground tank is a very popular and practical alternative. Reservoir water features are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, but size doesn't really matter. In fact some of the more popular features are quite compact and discreet. For example, the Granite Sphere is a very popular choice for a wide range of gardens (small,  family or low maintenance). This design features a very solid but dense (very stable) solid granite sphere (c 40cm ) with  series of deep cut surface ribbing and a central bore hole through which the water is pumped to produce almost endless mesmerizing rippling water effects.  The Granite sphere water feature is an excellent, safe and robust design,  making it the ideal and very affordable choice for many gardens, especially the young family garden. A popular water feature and good example where quality and not size is used to very good effect to provide more rippling and soothing effects for less. 

Spherical form provides interesting contrast to nearby plant forms

Ideal design - compact but visible, great effects and safe

For more impact add some ornamental grasses and stone cobbles

A safe and compact design with very good rippling features


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