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Garden Design and Landscaping a Family Garden in Ranelagh

A new and exciting garden design and landscaping project, takes us this time to Ranelagh, Dublin 6. Like so many family gardens in similar circumstances, needs and requirements evolve and change over time . This is most evident in gardens where the garden has provided so many funfilled and happy memories for the young growing family. Eventually it reaches a point where the children are becoming teenagers or young adults and previously popular and essential fun equipment, the ubiquitous trampoline of many family gardens, is no popular or required. Changing circumstances and preferences are key factors in the decision to re-model the family garden and the disposal of the trampoline is often a vivid and sentimental moment. Almost marking a tipping point in the lives of the family members, the changing of the garden, how it looks, functions and provides satisfaction is a key moment of new excitement with the prospects for a new chapter of new experiences and new funfilled joy in the new family garden.




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