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Family Garden landscaping in Mount Merrion

A famous TV celebrity gardener once said 'spend twice as much on the hole as you do on the plant' and years later the wisdom of this short statement continues to resonate with me. In simple terms, if you want anything to grow well and reach it's full potential (plant, shrub, tree even lawn), it is very important that the ground conditions are optimized. Often gardens suffer from poor drainage invariably caused by impermeable soils, buried debris or simply poor soil. It is therefore very important that the soil conditions are enhanced otherwise things will never achieve their full potential.

In our current project although the prevailing soil condition are very good, the main issue is the gradient in the garden and as we wanted to achieve a good prevailing level, there was not sufficient amounts of soil to do so. The solution as is often the case, is to import fresh topsoil. It is important to know your source and ensure you are getting good quality soil. Afterall you do not want to be spreading soil contaminated with weed seed etc. Although it is very difficult if not impossible at reasonable cost to obtain weed free screened topsoil, it is possible to source good soil from reliable sources.

Our requirements for additional topsoil  for border beds, raised beds and lawn areas has so far exceeded 24 ton and this involved considerable effort with wheel barrows, spreading and raking. But the end results will justify the costs and all the effort. As we near completing the spreading of the soil, our attention will switch to completing the installation of the garden lighting and followed by the commencement of the planting phase. An exciting and busy stage of the project in which every day now brings with it an obvious element of progress and a step closer to completing the new family garden. 







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