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Family Garden Design Landscaping

Designing and landscaping family gardens is often a process of confronting particular challenges and the prospects of realising very satisfying results. Generally there are very obvious demands on the garden area, space is often limiting, more importantly is the requirement to devise a layout which optimises the space, enabling the younger family members more scope and more time for safe play and enjoyment. A secondary requirement is providing space usually patio area in which the family can enjoy the outdoor occasions. Other day to day requirements might include garden storage and last but not least a garden which appeals and not requiring too much maintenance. An impossible task? No, but certainly a challenging one to resolve. As the photographs of the original garden clearly illustrate, space was very fragmented, a large metal storage shed dominating much of the space as well as garden view. A sloping site which was further complicated by protruding railway sleepers which were trip hazards in dry and more so wet weather. Planted beds/borders were fussy and onerous to maintain. The lawn area was divided into too many sections making most unsuitable for open play areas. The brief from the new owners demanded drastic changes. Open the space more, make it bigger and safer for the children to play, patio areas (one for evening and one for afternoon enjoyment) for adults to sit and relax, planted borders which were controlled yet colourful and garden storage shed which would be more sympathetic and less intrusive within the space.

Before: An intrusive metal garden shed in a fragmented garden space

Before: an inordinate level of sub-division exacerbated a poor layout

Before: the use of railway sleepers presented several safety concerns

Before: original layout ignored scope for any open or practical aspect

The split-level design finalised and agreed, it was time to embark on removing the original garden and replacing with the newer and substantively improved layout. The design and detailing took very careful consideration of all the key elements and throughout the project, the material selection, specification and installation were all carefully chosen. The emphasis was on quality natural materials fro most of the hard landscaping elements including sandstone for patio and raised planter beds. To provide trouble free use throughout the year it was decided to install an artificial lawn which offered many obvious practical benefits. The planting was comprised of mainly low-medium growing and evergreen shrubs which were complemented with seasonal accent herbaceous colours. Boundary walls were cleaned, rendered and painted and a stylish shiplap timber garden shed offered more softer colour contrast to create an appealing and colourful result. The enhanced open aspect provides much more scope for children and adults to interact, enjoy and play. The raised planter beds also provide structural definition, the drystone walling is an obvious crafted and uniquely appealing finish as well as very useful informal seating space. The main patio at the lower level blends seamlessly with the synthetic lawn and integrated steps provide access to the evening patio area and garden shed.

Open view of split level garden from sandstone patio

Garden shed design is used as an effective and colourful backdrop

Seamless transition from sandstone patio to synthetic lawn

Synthetic lawn a practical no maintenance all year all weather solution

Sandstone Raised Planting Bed a natural beauty crafted by skill

Natural stone finishes a unique crafted feature for any garden

Artificial lawns are and excellent choice for a play space

A patio space to enjoy the early evening sunshine

The drystone construction finish is a wonderful design contribution

A careful choice of form and colour can transform the garedn shed

Sandstone patio finished in a perfect blend of warm tones

A mixed planting scheme comprising of low maintenance low growing plants

The enduring quality and beauty of drystone is immediate

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