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Our next phase of the project construction works sees the start of a key element of the garden design, the gently and extensive sweeping raised beds, constructed in natural sandstone with drystone finish and a complimentary sandstone wall capping. Raised beds are a very versatile and wonderful element for most gardens, producing striking structural and visual forms and the added advantage of lots of informal seating. Constructing raised beds in natural drystone finish is a slow and labour intensive exercise. Once foundations have set, construction of the inner leaf,  typically a 4"(100mm) solid concrete block is completed and serves as a supporting buttress to the 6"+ (150mm+) natural stone wall which in drystone finish involves all the bedding mortar being positioned behind the stone.



As construction of raised beds advances, work also commences on building the new garden shed and painting of the boundary walls. The painted finish provides a glimpse of the new garden and combines so well with the richer rustic tones of the raised bed stonewalls. A rich visual treat builds as our construction of the new garden advances. By the time painting has finished to create stylish boundary walls, we prepare the sandstone paving for the next key phase in our project, construction of the new garden patios.

A major point has been reached in the project and by the end of the next phase, completion of paving works will effectively delineate the new garden layout. An exciting next phase beckons and the prospects of realising all the excitement of seeing the new garden design transition from concept into reality.



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