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DRIVEWAYS in Granite Design and Installation

Driveways finished in natural Granite

When it comes to choosing a surface finish for a new driveway, it is well worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of the various finishes available. The natural strength, beauty and durability of granite Driveways is often imitated but never matched. For a long lasting, easily maintained and weed free driveway surface, the natural choice is granite. Use granite creatively to create interesting finishes and a wonderfully appealing textured finish. Granite setts make an attractive rustic area for parking cars and the flat non-slip textured surface of the granite paving slabs make an ideal surface for pedestrian traffic. Combining the textural qualities of granite paving with granite setts creates a more harmonious but excellent finish.

Granite combines beautifully with the lush colours of brickwork or planting.

Driveways in Granite - naturally durable, naturally beautiful.

Subtle detailing of zones makes for a much more interesting finish

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