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The art of the Stainless Steel Water Feature Form.

Stainless Steel 3 Column Water Feature

Stainless Steel 3 Column Water Feature

  The appeal of Stainless Steel Water Features has become very popular, with a vast range of sizes, shapes and styles now available. The popularity of Stainless Steel water features owes much to the versatility of the material which is ideal for reflecting water movement along its frictionless surface, and the fact they can look equally well in both classic or contemporary gardens. Stainless steel as a material is very durable and easy to maintain and with its highly reflective surface especially if polished can have stunning effects in a lush green garden settings. The forms can range from basic geometric shapes, for example spheres, to walls, tall and narrow, or small and broad, to newer more abstract forms now becoming available. The more popular forms tend to epitomise the perceived qualities of stainless steel and these forms tend to be taller and perhaps more elegant. These characteristics although fine for water features but when not in use miraculously appear to take on an art form in a garden setting. Stainless Steel Columns are a good example, and when clustered as a ‘three piece’ with varying heights are quite distinctive especially when underlit at night. Whereas some might prefer the more abstract forms many continue to prefer the simpler less obtrusive forms, and whether your preference is for an elegant or bold form within the garden area, most will agree that the stainless steel water feature as an art form is quite distinctive and eye-catching.

TITAN 4 Stainless Steel Water Feature

TITAN 4 Stainless Steel Water Feature

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