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Synthetic Plants

Synthetic plants look great all year round and are virtually maintenance free.


Specimen plants create ideal focal points of immediate beauty and maturity in the garden.


In a built up area, satisfying the needs for privacy and screening can be very challenging.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance should be more about enjoyment and not uninspiring planted arrangements.


For many, the lawn is perhaps the most distinctive and popular aspect of the garden.

Synthetic Lawns

There is nothing fake about the many advantages and real benefits of synthetic grass.

Garden Plants

The planting phase in any garden landscaping project is a particularly exciting and transitional moment. An important aspect to designing planting schemes for gardens, is our wide ranging but practical ‘know-how’ and experience to specify plants which are fit for purpose, easy to maintain and provide considerable all year round colour and interest.

As professional garden designers and landscapers with responsibilities to implement the garden design, we identify all relevant plant suppliers, and on behalf of client, manage all the sourcing requirements, deal directly with plant nurseries to ensure completion of all arrangements and checking only healthy and specified plants are delivered safely and directly to project site.

Our Garden Design and Landscaping experience together with our practical ‘know-how’ in choosing the right range of plants and with careful planting ensures long lasting beauty in the garden. We take great pride and attention to devising our planting plans and planted schemes and our emphasis on the importance of good ground preparation a constant priority, ensures that plants remain healthy and thrive to form superb compositions for a range of planted situations including: privacy or garden screening, ornamental planted borders, low maintenance planted schemes, architectural focal points, feature plants in pots and planters, instant hedging for privacy, and our ‘Ezi Greenspace’ which provides a range of synthetic plants, synthetic plant cladding and artificial grass lawns, where growing natural plants is not feasible, practical or possible.



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