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Pebble Driveways

Pebble driveways are cost effective and are available in a range of colours.

Driveway Design

Ensuring the right driveway design for your house.


Choosing the right plants and careful planting ensures long lasting beauty and a welcoming driveway.


Careful planning and the right design will create a secure and impressive home entrance.


Lighting creates a good impression as well as improving driveway safety and visibility.

Granite Driveways

Wide selection of granite driveways. Wide selection of granite driveways.


We offer prospective clients a complete Driveway design and installation service. We have extensive project portfolio and experience of driveway design and installation, many of which feature natural stone finishes primarily Granite Driveways but also Sandstone Driveways and Limestone Driveways. We also design and install Gravel Driveways, featuring stone chippings with/without paved areas.

Fundamental to successful driveway design and installation, is not just making adequate provision for practical and safe parking of cars but making the most of the residual space to create small lawns or attractive planted borders where feasible and desired.

The garden driveway area is also an important factor in creating first impressions, which is why, driveway design, must look beyond the immediate requirements for parking cars. Afterall you only get one opportunity to create a first impression and managing the often conflicting requirements for safe car parking and retaining an appealing front garden requires creative garden design and skilful landscaping expertise.

In addition, we also offer a comprehensive range and choice of garden lighting, controllers and installation services, and a complete service, from design, manufacture and installation for driveway gates. Driveway Gates Designs are available in timber and steel finishes, and in a range of styles and sizes. All driveway gates are custom designed and built using experienced technical skills, high quality materials and premier finishes. As standard our gates are fitted with manual operation but for customers requiring more options, comfort and convenience, we can also supply and install fully automated driveway gates.



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